COPD – Immune system good and feeling well.

Tomorrow is a time of celebration. Why? The day when it neither gets lighter, nor darker, the winter solstice, after which nights and mornings start to get lighter, and the road to warmer days and Spring begins. Of course there is Christmas to enjoy first, and as my grandchildren seem to both have gone down with colds, it is with hope that the dreaded colds pass me by and leave me well for Christmas. It really does seem as if everyone I know is not well. I am well and do seem to have a better immune system than last winter. I of course should have. As I spent the last year trying to strengthen myself to save my lungs from getting worse too quickly.

I credit Vitamin D for my immune system being much stronger. I feel so positive that is the reason, that I recommend all, fit and ill, to take ‘D’. Remember though, it takes a few months for this vitamin to have an effect and build up your immune system. It really is not a case of taking now and expecting results this week, or even next month. Give it three or four months to have a good effect. I take 5,000IU of vitamin D a day, a dose the vitamin D councils research indicates is a good therapeutic dose. Although essential from October to the end of April. I will take this amount all year round to make sure optimal levels in my body.

Then there is Capsicum, the fruit of the chilli pepper. I introduced myself to this delight about six months ago, and credit this fruit to also ensuring my immune system stays good. Capsicum has a good effect on the cardiology vascular system. So is good in many ways.

Lastly Serrapeptase. I am unsure of the effects from this at the moment, and will blog what effects I believe it has had when I am certain what it might be doing for me. I have only taken Serrapeptase for a few weeks so is too early to be positive about any effects. It is possible it is helping to subdue cough, and keep my chest clearer. For now though, amazingly, I am, apart from bad lungs, as well as can be.

Don’t confuse well with fitness. Well for me is feeling fine in myself. Not being ill with a cold, a virus, or having an exacerbation. Nothing has or will enable me to get my lungs well so I can move around faster . Without either a transplant, or a miracle I have to live with my bad lungs. I am trying to get fitter by building my immune system to give myself the best chance possible for a good winter. To hopefully delay the progress of this illness a and live a little longer.

For now it really is time for little exercise. To get away from this computer. I wish you all well, and health, and look forward to blogging again in a day or two. Whatever you are doing. Breathe easy and don’t forget, smile, because there is always someone somewhere in a worse place than you:-)

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