An active life despite having copd and using oxygen thanks to the NHS.

Today it was brought to my attention that I have used oxygen for mobility for over two years. The years seem to pass so fast as we get older. Almost like being on a magic roundabout that speeds up for every year we live. The truth is though without our British National Health Service. For all it’s faults. I would most likely be dead.

The NHS has provided drugs to enable me to lead as normal a life as possible. And oxygen to allow me to go about my normal business. Without which quite simply I would not lead any kind of life. It is because of the NHS that I can attend meeting on our health board, help the British Lung Foundation with publicity. To do a multitude of tasks I would otherwise not be able to do. At present I am also looking forward to getting involved in research from a patients point of view as part of NHS studies. Quite simply I don’t want to do nothing with my life. I want to as long as possible put back into the system.

By doing volunteer work and being involved in board meetings and other activities I keep my brain active, myself to a degree active also even though I use red most times. When I started to use oxygen I was surprised by the response of most people. I found I was accepted with a cannula by most almost without question. As if wearing one is a normal part of life. It is for me of course but it appeared most did not even notice the cannula. If asked I explain I have emphysema. And that I have low altitude sickness. If asked by children I point to the cannula and explain it is my mustache. Both always raise a smile.

I would be excused for assuming that as far as a professional life that had passed due to being ‘on oxygen’. And this is where I was even more pleased and amazed. I have been invited to meet celebrities, interviewed on television and radio. Am on a health board, been accepted to join research, help run a breathe easy group along with other activities. All while wearing a cannula. The fact that I use oxygen for mobility. And sometimes even ride into a boardroom on red, does not in any way affect what I do. Isn’t that wonderful. I lead a full life. With oxygen for mobility. And it does not effect me professionally or otherwise. It could be said I consider myself to be an ambassador for those of us that use 02. Showing that to wear a cannula is acceptable and people in all walks of life will treat you with respect using oxygen or not.

But back to the purpose of today’s blog. Without the NHS not a bit of what I do would be possible. I simply would be dead, or too ill to do anything but sit in my home. And possibly lie in my bed. This Tory government here in the UK is trying to kill the NHS by the backdoor. You only have to ask concerned staff on the front-line who have seen what is happening. Do not let this happen. You must make sure everyone that is concerned is aware of what the future may hold should we lose this essential service to life and death in our country. I am not normally this political. But in the case of the NHS feel I have to make a stand. Support your NHS. Protest against cuts. And show any government, of any persuasion, the door should they want to damage our NHS service.

Some have noticed I have not blogged so much this last year. Please be assured it is not because of illness but because my days have been so very filled with the work I do, while in between I have been out during the summer months enjoying my other passion. Photography. I have also put a page together to show some of my photography. This is still in the making although if you would like to view it please visit my site by clicking this link.

Till my next blog remember there is always someone worse off than you and that a smile is contagious. Give a stranger a smile today and watch how many you get back in return. And most of all. Breathe Easy 🙂

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