I have suffered with copd since 1987. Until I was 58 years of age I managed to lead a normal life by keeping fit and mobile to stave off the worse of this illness. Until finally retiring through ill health at 60 years of age after having many months off sick from my employment.

I now have stage 4, very severe copd with a lung capacity that now restricts mobility. As a result I use a mobility scooter (cart) that I refer to as ‘Red’, and am prescribed oxygen for mobility.

Because this blog has been written over several years there is a lot to read. The intention of writing this blog is to say to others ‘you are not alone’. And to pass on as much information about what us with copd go through, including mistakes made along the way, in the hope this may help others to avoid some of the many pitfalls many of us fall into.

God willing I will be writing this blog for a few good years yet. And hopefully help others to understand copd need not be a death sentence. But a different life we have to adjust to. I often refer to this as my adventures with copd. If this is your first visit to my blog I hope you find the information useful and that it helps with your personal journey with copd. Remember, copd is NOT a death sentence. We live long lives even though we have copd. Even if at times that journey is arduous. Remember, we are not alone. There is a huge copd community out there.

I am looking for others to tell their story about how they have been effected by this illness. All I need is a little about yourself. And a rough outline of your story. Your story will then be published on this blog as a guest blogger. Full credit will be given to you. If you would like to see your story published for others to see on this popular blog please send me your details in the contact me tag.